IndicThreads Software Development Conference (Delhi NCR 2012)

IndicThreads’ Conferences have been delivering world class content since 2006. The Delhi NCR 2012 conference looks at software development techniques, methodologies, technologies and tools primarily around Java, Cloud Computing and Mobile.

The conference will be held on 13th & 14th of July. Do check out the list of sessions & speakers.

Some of the key topics covered are: JavaEE 7, Hadoop, NoSQL, PhoneGapBDD Cucumber, JAX-RS, HTML5, GPars, Groovy, Node.js, Redis, SaaS Architecture, Machine Learning, AkkaPAAS, Nutch & more…

The conference is also a great place to discuss and debate technology with the thought leaders and to connect with the tech community at large. One of the aims of IndicThreads and this event is to foster local community, collaboration and innovation.