Machine Learning – What, Where and How-To

Every company irrespective of it’s size or domain is keen to analyse the patterns of their existing and prospective customers for offering them suitable products/services. With the deluge of huge and ever-increasing data along with multitude of options to reach out to customers, it’s increasingly getting difficult for organizations to improve the lead-quality of their marketing channels. In this talk, I will talk about relatively new (in Industrial sense) but fast growing field of Machine Learning.

My talk will focus on:

  • Machine Learning
    • Concepts
    • Types
      • Supervised – Categorical and Regression
      • Unsupervised
    • Association and differences between Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistics
  • Popular Use-Cases for applying Machine Learning in our Industry
    • Up-Selling
    • Customer Sentiment Analysis
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Churn Analysis
    • Automated Routing
  • Current Platforms/Tools/API’s available for implementing Machine Learning in an organization
    • Apache Mahout
    • Weka
    • Google Prediction API

I will be presenting these tools with working programs and sample data to present how they can be integrated and used over top of available data-sets in different scenarios.

Take-Aways for Audience

  • Better Understanding of Machine Learning Paradigm and concepts
  • How Machine Learning is currently being utilised in Industry
  • How we can make use of current platforms and tools to take advantage of Machine Learning in our scenarios


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