Architectural Guidelines for SaaS Products

In simple words, do’s and don’ts for developing SaaS products which could range a Facebook application to Enterprise ERP systems.
The key areas of discussion:

  1. Optimization: when to optimize and why it is important even for Cloud Computing. Optimization types and when to optimize for what depending on the end goal
  2. Scalability: Why it is important and how can you achieve linear scalability
  3. Design: How to stop over-designing and over-architecting and design just the right amount
  4. Quality: Why quality is important and what can you do to gain maximum ROI on Quality

I will draw on my experiences as product & technical leads for Enterprise Expense Report and Timesheet products for Extensity, considered as the first enterprise products in java as well as the experiences of being the chief architect of DoubleTwist Inc., the first company to annotate the human genome and recently as the Chief Architect and designer of Relaso Social CRM & Customer Support products.


Speaker At Java ConferenceAngsuman is the Co-Founder, Taragana Inc, (Offices in Emeryville, USA, Dhakuria & Jadavpur), Co-Founder, Relaso, (Offices in Jadavpur) and CTO, Social Media Scientific LLC., Santa Fe, California, USA. Cont…


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