Achieving Mature SOA

Designing SOA has been and still is a challenging task. SOA is about designing business services and composing those services into end-to-end applications that support business processes. SOA approach promotes loose-coupling, reusability, coarse-grained interfaces, and several other concept.

This session will demonstrate, how to use these and more advanced concepts in practice. How to develop a business services? What is the right granulation? How many operations a business service should have? What is a service and what a process? How to decouple types? How to define service layers? These and other questions will be answered in this session, where we will show on examples the good practices – patterns, and the bad practices – anti-patterns of SOA design.

This session has been replaced. Check the schedule & sessions page for the current list of session at the conference.


Matjaz B. Juric holds a Ph.D. in computer and information science. He is Full Professor at the University of Ljubljana and head of the Cloud Computing and SOA Competence Centre. Matjaz is Java Champion and Oracle ACE Director. Cont…

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