NoSQL Databases : Origin and Fundamentals

With the growing data volumes NoSQL solutions have become popular in last few years. This session will explore the evolution of NoSQL databases from regular relational database based architectures.

Fundamentals of NoSQL systems will be discussed taking examples from the current implementations of the NoSQL implementations like Redis/Cassandra/neo4j. NoSQL system diverge from the relational model by making certain assumptions or relaxing ACID requirements or make use of sophisticated algorithms to solve a particular problem. NoSQL gives you a scalable option for your specific problem.

This session will look at:

  • Application scaling: How databases become the bottleneck.
  • Limiting factors for database scaling on a single machine
    • Disk IO , random reads
  • ACID
  • Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • “One size fits all” approach of databases (bad fit for applications with social networks)
  • In Memory databases and caches (memcached and Redis)
    • Async writes
  • Key-Value Stores: What happened to my Schema?
  • CAP Theorem (Eventual consistency in Cassandra)
  • Replication problem ( Cassandra’s approach to replication, Gossip protocol)
    • Decentralized storage
  • Sharding/Partitioning : HBase/Bigtable Design
  • Big Data : Huge volumes of data are forcing companies to look for new solutions.


Ravindra Rawat is a Java/J2EE Consultant with Xebia India with 9 years of experience. Has has worked in Finance, Document and Content Management and Supply Chain Management domains. Current interests include exploring functional programming languages and BigData solutions.

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