Redis – Memory is the new Disk

Redis is an advanced in memory key-value store designed for a world where “Memory is the new disk and disk is the new tape”. Redis has some unique properties — like blazing read and write speed, rich atomic operations and asynchronous persistence — which make it ideally suited for a number of situations. This talk will introduce Redis and discuss its common usage patterns.

We will go through the following agenda to get familiar with Redis —

  • What is Redis?
  • Redis Data Types
  • Available Redis Clients
  • Supported datatypes and operations
  • Performance
  • Sweet-spots of Redis in common web-applications
  • A real-life case study
  • Redis adopters

We will end the talk with a demo of Redis showing how to store, retrieve and manipulate familiar data structures such as Sets, Lists, Strings and Hashes at blazingly fast speeds, atomically with persistence!


Deepak is co-founder & CEO of IntelliGrape Software. He has more than 12 years of experience in web and mobile apps development. Deepak loves being close to technology and is a hands-on coder. He spends most of his time coding & looking at new and exciting frameworks and tools in the Java space.Cont…

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