Performance of PhoneGap using jQuery Mobile vs Sencha Touch

Cross-platform development tools are used for developing mobile applications that can be deployed in multiple platforms. Phone Gap is an open source cross-platform framework for developing mobile web applications using HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Sencha Touch is another framework which uses Web standards for creating mobile applications. jQuery Mobile is a jQuery based framework which can be used for designing and developing web applications for mobile.

This talk showcase the performance study of using jQuery Mobile vs.Sencha Touch on Phone Gap for mobile application development. This talk will also walk you through a demo to create an Android application using the above frameworks.

Mobile application development is growing very fast. Many new technologies are introduced for developing applications for mobile. One of the biggest challenges for a mobile application developer is Cross-platform application development. Building mobile applications for different platforms requires different frameworks and familiarity in different languages. To develop Android application, one need to be familiar in Java, to develop an application in iPhone, Objective C is to be familiarized.
A cross platform application development involves developing applications in one common language and deploy the same in multiple mobile platforms. There are excellent Cross-platform development tools available like PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile, RhoStudio etc.

The session will focus on developing Android application using PhoneGap with Sencha Touch and PhoneGap with jQuery Mobile.
In this Session,we will also be discussing various features of Phone Gap, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile frameworks that makes them so popular, following being the list:
• Ease of Use
• Performance
• UI Features
• Device Compatibility
• Documentation
• Browser Compatibility
• Design Pattern

We conclude the session with a series of demos which showcases the features discussed.

This session has been replaced. Check the schedulesessions page for the current list of session at the conference.


Prajila is a member of Education and Research at Infosys. She has a 6 years of experience in various domains in Java technologies – Struts, Hibernate, EJB ,Spring etc. Her focus areas are mobile technologies specifically Java ME and Android. Cont…

Dhanya is a member (Java) – Education and Research at Infosys. She has a total of 7 years of experience in various domains in Java technologies – Struts, Web Services ,Hibernate, EJB ,etc. He area of focus and interest is mobile technologies, specifically Android. Cont…

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