Node.js : A web developer’s journey

I would like to share my experiences and learning while rewriting framework of, one of the leading player in on-line beauty sector in India. UrbanTouch platform was originally written using Magento, an open source based ecommerce web application built using Zend Framework.

To provide support to growing user base with a scalable Internet application , we are rewriting the site in Node.js , which is based on event-driven I/O programming model that uses Server Side JavaScript on a VM that is incredibly fast (V8).

Javascript, despite its oddities can be a great language to code in. Session will be about my learnings on Why Node.js and how to effectively use Node.js in production.


With 10+ yrs of experience in e-commerce, I am currently working as UI lead with, one of the leading online beauty stores. Before joining UrbanTouch, i was consumer experience web lead with Symantec, involved in UI development of Norton online store Cont…

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